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The first thing you should know when chest binding is to understand what is and isn't safe. Please DO NOT USE ace bandages, duct tape, or plastic wrap for Chest Binding.

Compressing the human body is NOT what these products were designed for and using them can cause physical harm. You could have difficulty breathing and cause fluid build-up in your lungs.

Some people have broken their ribs using unsuitable products for chest binding. Even if you're lucky enough to not cause any damage, you can still impact surgery results, should you choose that as an option later on.

Like the chest binders from TOMSCOUT, a high-quality chest binder is designed to bind your chest safely, without restricting your breathing or movement. However, it's still possible to experience discomfort should you choose a binder that is too small.

When selecting a binder, make sure you know your chest measurement before ordering. Use the part of your chest that comes out the furthest for your bust measurements.

REMEMBER, chest binders are already a tight fit, so selecting the right size is critical to your safety and comfort levels. If you can’t take deep breaths while wearing the binder, then it's too small and should be removed. It's still essential to give your body a break from binding for the first week as well.

TOMSCOUT, We are the Chest Binder experts from Singapore, the First Chest Binder Online Store launched in 2016 to proudly support the Tomboy and FTM community. 

We are legally registered with Singapore ACRA, but our service is global, so you can order any time no matter where you live.

Our Chest Binders are all high-quality and sourced only from the best manufacturers because our guarantee is ALL-DAY comfort. Our range is always growing, to provide different types of chest binders for your living convenience.

Now that you know how to be safe with chest binding and know your size. Please check out the range in our online store.

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