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How do I know my size?

We are here to guide you in finding your perfect fit;

the right Binders to best meet your needs.

All you need is takes 5 minutes to read through the sizing guide and take some measurements.


Which part is top bust?

The fullest part of the breast or body circumference at the chest. It is a body measurement that measures the circumference of a woman's torso at the level of the breasts.

Measured by keeping a measuring tape horizontal and wrapping it around the body so that it goes over the nipples and under the arms.

A full bust is another term for the bustline measure but is also commonly used to refer to a breast with a cup size.

How to get the right fit?

Should I measure in cm or inch?

Take the top bust measurement in cm would be more accurate compared to inch, as we are using metric system (cm) in our product tester program.

If your bust measurement in inch.

tips : Always round up if your measurement reads at a fraction greater than 1/4".

e.g: If your measurement reads 33 3/4", round up to 34". DO NOT ROUND DOWN.

I don't have any measuring tools

Many people use their bra size to determine the size of their binder using a bra-to-chest converter chart.

This might not be the best method, but it is more accurate compared to ordering from knowing nothing.

women bra-to-chest converter chart

I have a measuring tape

Measure yourself by taking a proper measurement tape across the fullest area of your bust (goes over the nipples and under the arms), holding the tape measure horizontally. 

It is best to measure yourself while you are unclothed.

measure the top bust in cm

I am in between two sizes

Well, that's up to you.

Do you like a tight fit? Go for the smaller size.

Have a broad shoulder or overweight in Body Mass Index (BMI)?

Go for the larger size.

I used to order from ABC brand

Different brand of Binders have a different cutting design and unique sizing chart. Please DO NOT USE other brands sizing to place your new order.

What is the perfect fit?

Having a perfect fit binder, you should be able to move your arms without any trouble and have no breathing issues.

If you feel like it's hard to breathe, discomfort, or having back pain all day, you will need a bigger size.

If you feel like your chest has not flattened, you will need to downsize.

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Now that you know your size

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If you need assistance on sizing or measuring matters.



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