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Non-binary androgynous tomboy transman lesbian at a sewing machine on a tailor's desk, meticulously crafting a chest binder design, depicted on the TOMSCOUT About Us Page.


Explore the Pride Journey with TOMSCOUT

Discover the inspiring story behind TOMSCOUT,

a journey that embraces you and me.

The TOMSCOUT Journey

In an ever-changing world, you can rely on us to be there for you, unwavering in our commitment.

Joyful gathering of a diverse non-binary, androgynous tomboy, transman, and lesbian group, all sharing happy expressions and unity in pride, featured on the TOMSCOUT About Us Page.

Our Vision

is a world where every individual proudly expresses their authentic selves,

supported by TOMSCOUT's unwavering commitment to unity and inclusivity.

Our Mission

is to empower and celebrate individuals on their unique journeys towards authenticity.

We provide quality products and unwavering support to foster unity within the LGBTQ+ community, working together to create a world where equality thrives.

The Inspiring Journey of TOMSCOUT Founder

A well-equipped working desk with fabric, sewing tools, a laptop, speaker, drawing tablet, and a design lookbook, showcasing the creative process, seen on the TOMSCOUT About Us Page.

Nicole Goh (SHE/HER)

"I am Nicole Goh, and I want to share a personal journey with you. As someone who identifies as non-binary with a female body, there have been times when I felt that I wasn't truly myself unless I could flatten my chest, aligning with my authentic identity.

This desire for a body shape that mirrors my inner self led me to the discovery of chest binders, which felt like a dream come true. Using a chest binder into my daily routine became essential.

However, I was often disappointed by the low-quality materials and the lack of durability and comfort that many binders offered. This disappointment ignited a passion within me, and I made a decision.

I decided to create TOMSCOUT, a store dedicated to providing higher-quality chest binders for people like me who longed for a flatter chest and to create a space that unites all LGBTQ+ people.”

When you encounter challenges like the ones I faced, you may find yourself on a seemingly endless quest for solutions. Where do you even begin? Who can you trust?


We have become a brand that the LGBTQ+ community can rely on.

We believe that you should always feel like yourself. Let us embark on a journey where authenticity and comfort are not just aspirations but a reality.

A joyful non-binary androgynous tomboy transman lesbian proudly embracing their identity and journey, celebrating pride and equality, featured on the TOMSCOUT About Us Page.

Our Remarkable Milestones Since 2016

Born with a vision

We registered under Singapore ACRA, driven by a deep passion for LGBTQ+ businesses in Singapore. We started small, selling through the local shopping platform.

A milestone year!

We could finally afford our own Shopify online store, expanding our reach beyond Singapore. The website went live in May, marking a significant step forward.

Breakthrough Innovation

We introduced swimming binders, catering to those who sought the freedom to swim with a flat chest appearance.

A year of expansion

We expanded our workspaces and warehousing in Malaysia, resulting in increased production capacity and enhanced cost efficiency.

Diversifying our collection

We embarked on a new journey into the world of LGBTQ+ accessories, expanding our product range to include a diverse collection, flags, pins, and bandanas, all aimed at celebrating and supporting the LGBTQ+ community.


Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, our founder embarked on a two-year journey to redesign all types of binders, prioritizing superior fabrics, comfort, and durability.

Continuing to evolve

Our founder delved into embroidery. We began expanding our offerings, including tote bags and clothing collections, all currently in progress.

Dedicated to giving back

We introduced Free Shipping once a month, ensuring accessibility to binders for all. We proudly launched The Free Chest Binder Program, extending our support to the community.

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Aspiring to a Brighter Future

Non-binary androgynous tomboy transman lesbian radiating pride and confidence in their identity and life journey, highlighted on the TOMSCOUT About Us Page.

Community Building:

We're committed to building a strong, supportive community where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

Global Accessibility:

Our goal is to make our products accessible to LGBTQ+ individuals worldwide, no matter where they are.


We're actively working on sustainable practices to protect both the environment and the rights of future generations.

Expanding Our Product Line:

We aim to provide even more options and products that empower and express your unique identity.

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