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Line illustration of a non-binary person's silhouette with a vibrant stroke of turquoise in the middle, symbolizing the TOMSCOUT Chest Binder Product Tester Program.

Be a Part of Innovation

Test Our Chest Binder and Share Your Insights

Become a TOMSCOUT Product Tester

You're not just testing a product; You're shaping a better and brighter future.

Diverse individuals united in love and equality, holding hands and adorned in LGBTQ+ pride-inspired shirts, embodying the strength of unity and inclusion, showcased on the TOMSCOUT Chest Binders, LGBTQ+ Clothing, Tote Bags LGBTQ owned E-commerce Store Home Page.

Join the Testing Experience

As a TOMSCOUT Product Tester, you will have the chance to receive a free TOMSCOUT binder.

This unique opportunity allows you to experience firsthand the comfort, quality, and effectiveness of our binders.

Why Testing is Essential?

👉 Reduce the rate of size changing.

👉 Improve the fitting accuracy for everyone.

👉 To design products that offer superior comfort.

A joyful gathering of a diverse non-binary androgynous tomboy transman lesbian group, all celebrating pride and equality, featured in the TOMSCOUT Chest Binder Product Tester Program.

What We Expect From You

In return for receiving a chest binder, we kindly request your commitment to the program.

This includes providing us with valuable feedback, including a photo of you wearing the binder.

Your photo can have your face covered or obscured if you prefer to remain anonymous.

We also welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and any insights you may have about your experience. Your feedback and photo are crucial in helping us refine our products.

The Process


Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of the Trans community with TOMSCOUT Chest Binders?


Once you qualify, you become a vital part of the Tester Community—a dedicated group that empowers the LGBTQ+ community.


Receive notifications for each exciting prototype test, and we'll ship the items directly to your doorstep.


If selected for a prototype test, you'll receive a pre-notice via email.


Accept the test, and the prototype will be promptly delivered to you, along with shipping details.


Try out the products and share your valuable feedback about how they enhance your comfort and confidence.


Your thoughts and feelings matter— Let us know by submitting your feedback and a fitting photo.

8. REWARD 🏳️‍🌈

As a token of our appreciation, you may keep the prototype as a contribution to the LGBTQ+ community.

Diverse women with varying skin tones modeling TOMSCOUT Chest Binders, highlighting the inclusivity of the TOMSCOUT Chest Binder Product Tester Program.

Are you ready to be a part of this exciting journey?

We invite you to join us in this mission.

Let's innovate together!