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yes or NO?

it's okay not to be okay

I was like you, alone in the desert, and then I survived,

now I am here, not alone,

but together with all of you.

I saw your pain in me

but we will make it better together.

i promise

in 2016,

I set a mission for myself:

to help people achieve the smoother chest they have always dreamed of,


to fight back against body dysphoria

because of that

I have successfully shipped binders to more than 58 countries worldwide in five years.

until finally, here's their

new life, new stories

I was so happy when my binders arrived. For a full twenty minutes I just looked at myself in the mirror and cried.

I can stand up straight now!

It makes me feel like I wanted,

more flat masculine!

I love it. It helps me so much.

I really love it! It’s perfect!❤️

Thank you very much!❤️

What's your story?

no matter how bright or dark it is,
remember, you are not alone

We'll make a better day

and we deserve

to live a happy life


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