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How to wash a Swimming Binder?

Hand wash and rinse your swimsuit People are advised to wash their swimsuits themselves in cold water immediately after each wear. To wash away harmful chemicals such as chlorine and...

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How to wash a Chest Binder?

CLOSE ANY FASTENINGS ON YOUR CHEST BINDERS. If you have a Chest Binder that fastens shut, such as with a zipper or hook, close the fastenings before putting it in...

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The lifespan of a Chest Binder

Occasionally we get asked about the life span of a Chest Binder, but first thing first, when was the last time you shopped for a new binder? If the answer...

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Can I swim in a Chest Binder?

This is the most common question that came out to our mind before we step into the swimming pool. Not that because we could not swim, but we are too...

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