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This Free Chest Binder Program naming as The Freedom Binder is specially designed for people who identify themselves as transgender (trans men or FTM), non-binary, or tomboys who would love to have a flat chest but cannot afford to get one.

And TOMSCOUT is here to lend a hand for you to start a new chapter in your life.


We are currently processing the Jul 2023 batch of the applications.

⚠️Important Reminder⚠️

👉 Submitting duplicate applications will cause unnecessary delays in the processing time. If you submit multiple applications, both applications will be forfeited.

👉 Due to misuse of the Freedom Binder program, we will no longer provide free binders to all applicants. Instead, we will only offer them to the Top Five Storytellers who submit a true story and complete the form accurately each month.

Please note that any applications with the response "I don't know or can't measure" will be automatically forfeited, even if your story is good.

Here’s what I specially made for you.

Red is the first color on the pride flag which symbolize life, the tone stands for love, courage, and energy. It is the bravest, the wildest which is the perfect for an extrovert personality and socially confident person.

KABOOM, the passion warrior goes Scarlet (red)❤️

Whereas purple is the spirit that symbolizes compassion, romance, and wisdom. It is one of the most encouraging tones for an introverted person to inspire the mystery of their daily life.

shhhh...the calm thinker goes Lavender (purple)💜

⚠️ NOTICE ⚠️

The custom import taxes

The custom declaration taxes might be incurred for certain countries and they can’t be paid by TOMSCOUT. All of the shipments will declare for a standard value of SGD10.00 with “clothing” or “sports bra” as the declared item.

TOMSCOUT is not responsible for paying the import taxes;
TOMSCOUT will not reship to the same applicant if;
you fail to resolve the declaration process,
you fail to collect the shipment in Post Office,
the shipment is automatically returned to TOMSCOUT.


Can I afford to buy a chest binder for myself?

Or there is someone out there need it better than me, proceed if your answer remains "NO".

Yes, Then Buy here


I really need one of those!

We hear you, buddies.

1. Follow our IG: tomscout.official

2. Fill in the Google Form correctly.

(Applications with false or incomplete information will be automatically forfeited)



Sharing is caring

Share this good news with all the people you know who might need this, the more people we can help, the longer we will continue it.


Knock knock

As long as you have followed all
of the instructions above. The Freedom Binder will be on your doorstep very soon.

The winners will be announced on our Instagram, and notified by email only.

Congratulations, it’s now your turn to start a new life with the Freedom Binder. 🎉


Is it guaranteed that I am receiving a Free Binder after submitted the form?

No, it is not guaranteed that you will receive a free binder after submitting the form.

Each month, only the Top Five Storytellers will be selected to receive a brand new Freedom Binder.

To increase your chances of being chosen, be sure to write a compelling and true story about why you would love to own a TOMSCOUT Binder. (It should be well written when submitting the Google Form)

When I will receive the Freedom Binder?

We go through the application batch by batch monthly and contact you once we have approved the application if you have won the Top Five Best Storyteller.

Is it a discreet packaging?

Yes, there will be no “chest binder” or “LGBTQ” indicated on the package, and we will declare the item as “sports bra” and “clothing” for the custom declaration.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, only available to individuals who are 16 years or older.

I am receiving a new or used binder?

It’s a completely unworn, unwashed, undamaged 100% new item for all the Freedom Binder.

Am I qualified for the Freedom Binder?

Yes, only if you can’t afford to get one for yourself. Please be consider that there are people around the world who are the minor or teenager and suffering from body dysphoria, but are too young to afford a binder for themselves.

Will my application be cancelled after submitting the application?

Yes, applications with:
- missing or inappropriate body measurements
- incomplete shipping address and contact information
- purposes did not align with the objectives of our program. (eg: for fashion or cosplay)

All of the above applications will be cancelled automatically without further notice.

Do I need to pay the shipping fee?

No, TOMSCOUT will cover the shipping fee as well. All shipments shall mail out with an economy international shipping which most likely be delivered within 2-8 weeks.

How do I cancel the Freedom Binder?

Thank you for being honest and sparing the chances to others. If you no longer need the binder, just email us at

You finally found us

and you are soon to become one of them.

a new chapter


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