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Pride flag waving proudly at a festival, amidst a vibrant pride march. The air is filled with confetti, signifying celebration and joy within the LGBT community. This image captures the essence of unity, diversity, and the spirited heart of the pride movement.

Empowering Change Together

Celebrate the Countries Leading with Heart

See how countries around the world

are tipping to LGBTQ business with TOMSCOUT.

Countries Supporting the LGBT Business

Current Tipping Champion

🥇 Norway

🥈 Australia

🥉 Germany

Where does your country stand?

A group of diverse LGBTQ+ community members standing together in solidarity, holding a banner that reads "Support Through Generosity" as they participate in a fundraising event. The image conveys a sense of unity, compassion, and collective effort to raise funds for important causes within the LGBTQ+ community, highlighting the power of donations and community support to make a positive impact.

🏆 Top Tipper of the Quarter

Q3 2023 - United States

Q2 2023 - Singapore

Q1 2023 - United Kingdom

Why Tipping Matters?

In the spirit of solidarity and support,

TOMSCOUT goes beyond offering products; we're committed to nurturing a thriving, inclusive environment for the LGBTQ community.

Through the simple yet profound act of tipping, you play a crucial role in this mission.

Here's how your generosity makes a difference:

Hand placing a coin into a whimsical tipping box, surrounded by vibrant pride-colored coins and money, capturing a dreamy fantasy theme.

An essential service is dedicated to providing free chest binders to those within the LGBTQ community who are unable to afford them.

Expanding our repository of resources, specifically through the creation and dissemination of enlightening blog posts tailored for the LGBT community.

Promoting safe and healthy chest binding practices within the LGBT community, particularly for trans men and gender non-conforming individuals.

Your Role in Our Shared Mission

Let's continue to uplift each other, one tip at a time. Your support fuels our collective journey towards a world where love, respect, and equality reign supreme.

Thank you for being an essential part of TOMSCOUT's mission.

Support your country, support LGBT rights. 🌈 Every tip brings us closer together.