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Chest Binder Sizing (KOOLEST)

 Follow our sizing chart to achieve the perfect masculine figure

BLACK colour binder has the most stretchable fabric than white colour.

Finding the right measurement

Many people use their bra size to determine the size of their chest binder using a bra to chest converter tool. If you are unaware of your bra size, then you can measure yourself by taking a proper measurement of your total chest area using a measuring tape. It is best to measure yourself while you are unclothed.

TIP : Always round up if your measurement reads at a fraction greater than 1/4".
EXAMPLE: If your measurement reads 33 3/4", round up to 34". DO NOT ROUND DOWN.

If you are in between sizes, consider your weight measurements:

TIP: If you have a broad shoulders and your weight has exceeded the range, go with a larger size that best fits your weight measurement.


Women Bra and Bust Conversion Chart


Choosing a correctly fitting binder, you should be able to breathe without trouble. If you feel like it's hard to breathe or discomfort, you likely have the wrong size!


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