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Comfort is often a gift so precious that we may struggle to put a price on it. How do you determine the worth of your own happiness, your own ease in life, the readiness with which you can stretch out in your body and feel right? We get it, and we are here to help you.
When we launched TOMSCOUT in 2016, we set a mission for ourselves: to help people achieve the smoother chest they have always dreamed of for themselves and to fight back against body dysphoria. The feedback that we received shortly after our launch was wildly encouraging, and we know that we were onto something big.
In the years since, we have set about to offer top-quality products with consistency, serving the LGBT community as best as we can, offering masculine-designed underwear in traditionally women sizes, focusing on the needs of our Tomboy, Female-to-Male, and non-binary customers.


A word from our founder:
“Considering myself non-binary, I have a female body. Often, I feel like I am not completely myself unless I am able to flatten my chest to make it more masculine, the way that I feel inside and a body shape that is more in line with my personal identity. When I discovered that there was a “chest binder” available, it was like a dream come true.
Here was something that I could use every day. The chest binder material was of low quality, and it left much to be desired in terms of durability and comfort. That was when I launched TOMSCOUT, a store that offers higher-quality chest binders for people who want to achieve a flatter chest.”
When issues like the one our founder experienced come up, you may feel lost scouring the internet for solutions. Where do you begin? Whom can you trust? We have built the TOMSCOUT brand into one that the LGBT community can rely on because we believe wholeheartedly that you should always feel like you. That may seem like a simple statement, but its implications are far-reaching. You should always feel like you, shouldn’t you?
Yes. At the TOMSCOUT, our answer is a resounding yes!
Feel like you, be you, and live your life.