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The lifespan of a Chest Binder

The lifespan of a Chest Binder | TOMSCOUT model wearing a black color TOMSCOUT Active non-bandage chest binder.

Occasionally we get asked about the life span of a Chest Binder, but first thing first, when was the last time you shopped for a new binder? If the answer is more than 9 months ago, congratulations because you are wearing a TOMSCOUT binder and it surely works fine and yet the experts recommend replacing lingerie every 6 to 9 months or after about 120-180 wear.

At TOMSCOUT, we have been learning to create sustainable products along the way, like the adjustable hook on our chest binders for you to adjust based on your daily attire or your weight fluctuation throughout the day.

Our binders are entirely sewed with a professional sewing technic and they won’t be damaged or ripped off easily even if you consider yourself a tough guy or woman, the Chest Binder will stay still as long as you follow the washing guide.

But there are still some theories to discuss the “expiration date” of a chest binder.

The lifespan of a Chest Binder | Non binary hispanic transgender mid tomboy. Androgynous authentic identity for gender and sex education, wearing a tomscout chest binder.

How often should you replace your chest binders?

The generally-accepted lifespan of a binder is between 9 to 12 months. Even with a high-quality fabric provided, there are signs that it’s time for a replacement will eventually emerge, e.g: the binders are no longer tightened enough on your chest as we keep pulling the fabric day by day and the yarns became soften and loosen.

(You can’t be thinking why wouldn’t we make a binder that does not need the pulling action? That you would need a top surgery, my dear, because no pulling no tightens, you can’t just make your boobs disappear without doing anything.)

The lifespan of a Chest Binder | Young brunette embracing and looking at androgynous woman with short hair

The so-called “bandage” has a life too?

The bandage binder has attached with an elastic band at the front. By checking the band or the fabric of the binder, you will have an idea of how much life your binder has left.

If they are no longer stretchable it means they can’t help to tighten your chest. If the bandage has stretched entirely after years then it is time to shop for a replacement.

(Please take care of your bodies like your good friends, they deserve to get fresh clothing instead of a sloppy and smelly binder.)

The lifespan of a Chest Binder | TOMSCOUT model wearing a black color TOMSCOUT Casual Tank Top and showing the inner bandage material

Why do I need to get a new binder if the old one still looks and functions well?

As promised we have been producing high-quality chest binders and they won’t be damaged easily, you can probably wear them for more than three years or even more! BUT, everyone should have known one of the scientific organisms on earth is bacteria.

Bacteria are ubiquitous, most free-living organisms often consisting of one biological cell. *Google yourself what bacteria look like under a fabric.*

They are dying to survive everywhere and anywhere, like our LGBTQ pride heart around the world.

The lifespan of a Chest Binder | A portrait of androgynous woman with bald head.

For those who can sun their binder and kill the bacteria with the actual sunlight, you can kindly ignore this bacteria theory.

But for those who can’t, please just get yourself a new binder if you can’t even recall when was the last time you are wearing a new freshly binder.

Nothing can last forever, except our caring for the LGBTQ+ communities.

The lifespan of a Chest Binder | A young teenage transgender man sitting on the sofa

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