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I am a trans man - How do I start transitioning?

I am a trans man - How do I start transitioning? Young transgender street potrait

There is no one correct or appropriate way to begin transitioning. Accepting that you are trans and beginning to live your most authentic life is the most critical step.

However, if you are looking for additional ways and tips to begin or continue your transition, check out some of the most common ways trans men transition.

Decide on your gender pronouns and name

Many trans men use he/him/his pronouns, however, your pronouns are completely up to you and you can decide on any pronouns that suit you best. Similarly, you can decide to keep your birth name, pick a name that is similar to your birth name, or decide on a completely different name.

I am a trans man - How do I start transitioning? Question mark inside persons head outline and multiple gender pronouns and signs around

Consider attending therapy with a trans-affirming therapist

Transitioning can be a very difficult time with many challenges, particularly as you begin to tell those close to you about your transition. Speaking with a trans-affirming therapist can help you to manage the process in the most healthy, supportive, and stress-free way possible.

Begin to transition socially.

Transitioning socially can mean a lot of different things. You may begin to wear masculine clothing, style your hair in a masculine hairstyle, and bind your chest.

As you begin to transition socially, you may also come out to your family, friends, classmates, colleagues, and community. Sharing your name and pronouns with those close to you is a major step in your social transition.

I am a trans man - How do I start transitioning? Big happy LGBTQ+ transgender family is standing and hugging together against lake in mountains and sunset sky

Seek trans-affirming and gender-confirming healthcare

Before you begin medical or surgical aspects of transitioning, try to find medical providers that are trans-affirming. Research doctors in your area that specialize in treating trans patients. Finding a doctor you trust is critical as you begin hormone therapy or consider surgical procedures.

Change legal documents to reflect your gender marker and name

Depending on where you live, there might be different requirements that are necessary to change your gender marker and name on legal documents, such as your license or ID.

Look into these requirements, which may also include a fee, so that when you are ready to legally change your documents you have everything that you need.

I am a trans man - How do I start transitioning? Department of State form DS60 Affidavit regarding a change of name lies on table and ready to fill...

Begin hormone therapy and think about surgical options

After finding a doctor that you trust and that is supportive of your transition, you may consider options such as hormone therapy and surgical procedures. Surgical procedures for FTM trans men may include top surgery, hysterectomy, and bottom surgery.

Decide if you might want speech or voice therapy.

While hormones may change the tone of your voice, you still may wish to seek speech or voice therapy. You may also begin speech or voice therapy before beginning hormones. Voice therapy can help to deepen your voice and make it sound more masculine.

I am a trans man - How do I start transitioning? LGBTQ+ and Transgender People at group therapy session

While this list is not an exclusive list of how to begin your transition, we hope it helps you along your journey. Most importantly, remember that there is no correct or incorrect way to transition!

Everyone’s transition is different and every step you take towards living your authentic self is remarkable.

I am a trans man - How do I start transitioning? Romantic lifestyle bisexual and a non-binary transgender diversity female lgbtq potrait dancing on the street

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