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Experience Ultimate Confidence

Say goodbye to underwear with traditional feminine features.

Our carefully crafted underwear breaks free from those constraints, enabling you to freely express yourself while embracing your unique style.

It's tailored for people like us

who value both comfort and style
without compromising your masculinity.

Enjoy a seamless blend of a snug,

customized fit that hugs your body perfectly.

A non-binary tomboy wearing a long sleeve black color shirts and a black color of women boy shorts underwear, TOMSCOUT BOY SHORTS.
Black color of women boy shorts underwear, TOMSCOUT BOY SHORTS.
Dark grey color of women boy shorts underwear, TOMSCOUT BOY SHORTS.
Light grey color of women boy shorts underwear, TOMSCOUT BOY SHORTS.
Three different color tones of women boy shorts underwear, TOMSCOUT BOY SHORTS.

Shade of Grey (3pcs)

Size Size chart M
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Discover Unbeatable Comfort – The Gender-Neutral Underwear

Tired of traditional feminine briefs that just don't feel right? We understand! Our boy shorts are designed to offer a truly intimate connection between you and your body.

These shorts effortlessly blend with any outfit, from jeans to shorts, empowering you with unmatched comfort and boosting your confidence every moment.

For optimal comfort, we recommend selecting the larger size if you fall between two sizes.

Crafted from a premium 95% cotton fabric, our product is designed for your everyday routine.

Experience the comfort and charm it brings to your daily life.

Why Choose Gender-Neutral Underwear:
● Set of 3: Each purchase includes three pairs, ensuring you're always covered.

● Easy Care: Machine washable with a delicate laundry bag, making laundry a breeze.

● Versatile Style: From light to dark tones, our boy shorts pair perfectly with any bottom wear.

● Soft & Secure: Crafted with a soft, gentle touch and a mid-rise elastic waistband, providing both comfort and support.

● Size: L
● Height: 5'8" (178cm approx)
● Weight: 120lbs (55kg approx)

Your Everyday Satisfaction

Experience a sense of seamless like never before. The perfect fit that's tailor-made for you.

Shade of Grey (3pcs)


You deserve well-fitting underwear

that truly resonates with your personality and masculinity.

They're designed for women's sizing but have a masculine touch that feels just right.

Couldn't be happier!!

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Finally found my dream pairs of boy short!

I got both of the comfort and confidence ever since.

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It is like a dream come true, blends with my body seamlessly!

Exactly the design and fitting that I've always wanted.

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