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Dive into a fashion revolution with us!

Join us on a journey where innovation meets individuality—creating eco-friendly, custom-tailored clothing that doesn’t just look good, but feels right and does right.

Discover how you can wear the change, influencing the world in every thread.

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Phoenie Lim, Co-Founder

Jeffrey Goh, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator



Identity Threads: Express Yourself

Personalize Your One & Only Embroidered Apparel to Express Who You Are and What You Stand For

Campaign Tagline: Together, Stronger: One Identity, One Community


Singapore, May 13, 2024 — Step into a world where fashion is more than just clothing—it becomes a powerful statement of individuality and values. "Identity Threads" is launching on Kickstarter this June 1st, 2024, revolutionizing the apparel industry by combining unique craftsmanship with a strong commitment to sustainability.

Each garment is not mass-produced; it is custom-made, reflecting the personal journey and values of its wearer. By avoiding fast fashion, "Identity Threads" ensures each garment stands for high quality and environmental responsibility—a win for both creator and consumer.


"Identity Threads" transforms the way we see clothing. With the ability to personalize your pieces with meaningful words and symbols, each garment becomes a powerful declaration of the values you hold dear.


Spectrum of Stories and Impact:

Ethan, an avid hiker and wildlife advocate, brings this mission to life. He personalized his "Identity Threads" sweatshirt with symbols of endangered species.

"Wearing my Identity Threads feels like I'm carrying the spirit of the forest with me. It's always a great conversation starter about conservation efforts," he shares. With this collection, every backer can express their passion for nature and choose sustainable fashion.


Olivia, a social worker devoted to the LGBTQ+ community, wears her "Identity Threads" shirt with a rainbow emblem and a bold statement of LGBTQ+ pride. "Every day, I support individuals who face discrimination, and their stories resonate deeply with me.

By wearing this shirt, I advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and stand with those seeking acceptance and equality. It's a vivid symbol of my commitment and the voice I hope to amplify for the community," Olivia explains.


By the Numbers:
  • Global Reach with Every Backing: Each backed symbol supports our mission to promote sustainable fashion, raising awareness for important causes through thoughtful designs. By sparking positive conversations, our clothing empowers people to express their values through sustainable fashion.
  • Universally Recognized Symbols: At launch, we offer 30 symbols that are recognized worldwide, connecting people across cultures and communities.
  • Expanding Horizons: Our collection is set to grow, unlocking more symbol options that reflect the evolving values and stories of our backers. This expansion keeps our offerings fresh and provides backers with a wider selection to better express their core beliefs.
  • Community Empowerment: With each backing, we expand our community, enhancing our ability to inspire positive change. Our campaign aims to raise awareness and promote actions that lead to positive change in communities worldwide.


Craftsmanship Meets Advocacy:

'Identity Threads' stands out by embracing embroidery, known for its durability and refined elegance. Each piece is designed to showcase style and symbolize a commitment to environmental preservation by ensuring each garment lasts longer and reduces waste.

"Embroidery adds depth to each design, weaving each symbol into the fabric's story," says creator Nicole. It embodies a story worth telling — connecting the wearer to their values and the causes they support.


Join Us on Day One:

Be a part of this revolutionary campaign with our super early bird specials. With limited quantities, these exclusive offers are your gateway to making a tangible difference while owning a piece of personalized art.


How You Can Support:

Visit our Kickstarter campaign by clicking hereHere, you can learn how to express your individuality through our unique, sustainable creations. Join us, share our mission, and help spread the word about how fashion can have a minimal impact on the environment.


"Every piece we wear is a chapter in our larger story," remarks Phoenie Lim, Co-Founder. "Join 'Identity Threads' in showing how fashion can be created with purpose through sustainable design, craftsmanship, and quality."

The Art of Embroidery


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