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Can I swim in a Chest Binder?

Can I swim in a Chest Binder? | A transgender young man swimming in the ocean with sunset view

This is the most common question that came out to our mind before we step into the swimming pool. Not that because we could not swim, but we are too unique to live in this world.

The answer is a resounding YES!

You can swim with a chest binder….BUT of course, with proper attire to swim safely and healthily because most types of chest binders are not designed for swimming purposes.

CAUTION: If you do swim regularly, please kindly take good care of your body and read this carefully.

Can I swim in a Chest Binder? | A transgender young man with freestyle swimming

To swim with a chest binder, you need a binder made with high stretchability fabric as it allows you to move your body unrestrained in the water.

While we are swimming, our breathing is so much faster than usual, and we need stretchable fabrics to prevent the feeling of suffocation and the intense tightening in the chest.

Can I swim in a Chest Binder? Transgender man drowning, screaming underwater, focus on air bubbles

It is also not recommended to wear a pullover binder to swim, if you have ever experienced or know the difficulties taking off the pullover binder, then the difficulties will increase a lot after you soak them into the water. (you’re gonna regret it so much in the changing room)

Wearing a non-bandage binder to swim is dangerous too because it could cause difficulty breathing. Most of them are made in non-stretchable fabrics and you might experience shortness of breath while swimming.

A non-bandage binder is designed for a flattening chest, not for swimming purposes.

Can I swim in a Chest Binder? Female swimmer at the swimming pool, underwater photo

The founder of TOMSCOUT is a person who loves swimming and it makes her kind of picky while designing a SWIMMER BINDER, from choosing an appropriate fabric to the comfort cutting, it took her more than a year to get prepared and it has finally been on the road again!

Here’s the worry-free swimming binder.

Can I swim in a Chest Binder? A non-binary tomboy swimming with a TOMSCOUT swimmer chest binder
Can I swim in a Chest Binder? A non-binary tomboy showing off the design of a TOMSCOUT swimmer chest binder

Chest binding isn’t dangerous, as long as you understand what you are wearing, and TOMSCOUT is always here to guide you one step at a time. 

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I have a youth who is interested in working out, but as you are aware, cannot do so in a typical chest binder. This youth is not interested in a sports bra, or anything with the word bra in it as they identify as a male. I am curious if your swimming binder would work and be safe to use while working out at a gym?

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