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What is Androgynous Style?

Here at TOMSCOUT, a question female customers often ask us is whether the androgynous style is something that’s alright to follow. Of course, our answer is always a resounding, yes!

We want you to embrace your individuality and your personal style, but we understand the struggles that many individuals have to overcome to connect with themselves and have the self-love and confidence to dress how they want to each day.

Androgyny is a term used to describe someone with both feminine and masculine characteristics, but it’s important to note that everyone’s idea of the term and its characteristics may vary slightly. It’s a term that should be used to describe freedom of self-expression, which is something we believe everyone is entitled to today.

If you see the term ‘androgyne’ used, it’s simply a word that’s given to someone who refers to themselves as androgynous. One of the most common misunderstandings with androgyny is that’s it’s related to sexual orientation.

You can be androgynous with any sexual orientation, as it’s a form of gender expression.

As a female, you’ll often find the term androgynous used in the fashion world, and there are some incredible designers and fashion items created for anyone who enjoys styling their wardrobe in this way today.

As with any fashion style, we encourage anyone who enjoys dressing in an androgynous style to embrace this look and wear it with confidence. We believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with this style, and in fact, it looks absolutely incredible on many women. 

Comfort is something that’s so often overlooked by people today but can make a huge difference to your happiness and ease of going through everyday life. It would be far worse to spend your life feeling like you are dressing or acting just to please society, instead of just being yourself every day.

When you browse your clothing and accessory choices today, you’ll find there are more androgynous options available with the female body in mind. In the past, gender-neutral clothing was often tailored to a man’s body, which is why many females questioned if this was suitable for them to wear.

You can still dress in an androgynous style without having to hide your body, and by experimenting with your style, you’ll find options that make you feel comfortable dressing in this manner. Just look at many of the celebrities and artists out there today who dress in this style, and you’ll see there are so many stylish options available.

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It’s not just all loose-fitting clothing in dull shades anymore, and instead, you’ll find fashionable clothing items that are both stylish and androgynous.

At TOMSCOUT, we offer top-quality products for everyone to enjoy wearing, such as chest binders and masculine-designed underwear in traditionally women’s sizes. Take a look at our full selection of products, which can help you feel more comfortable and confident with your androgynous style.

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