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How to choose a Chest Binder?

Posted on January 28 2019

How to choose a Chest Binder?

 A Chest Binder is used to provide the chest with a more masculine frame. It is essentially a chest flatten that could be a female-to-male transition or what trans men need to fit our outfits more authentically to our identity and style. Binding refers to the flattening of the breast tissue using compression that is intended to create the effect of having a smoother chest and also help to lessen body dysphoria.


But it is important to note that there are several harms one can cause to ourselves if we start to chest flatten the wrong way. People can have pain or posture problems because of binding so choosing a fit and comfortable Chest Binders are essentials.


Additionally, a chest binder doesn’t have to be boring. It can be stylish and more colourful rather than just skin tone. You can use it as an accessory and make it a fun part of your outfit.


Finding the right measurement

Many people use their bra size to determine the size of their chest binder using a bra to chest converter tool. If you are unaware of your bra size, then you can measure yourself by taking a proper measurement of your total chest area using a measuring tape. It is best to measure yourself while you are unclothed and write down the measurement so you don’t forget.


Selecting the right brand

With so many options out there, it could be hard to settle on the perfect binder. There are very few reviews out there as well. But there are certain factors you could take into consideration that might make your search easier. Brands out there like us assure quality and safety while using our products. If this is your main concern, which it should be, you should opt for a TOMSCOUT chest binder.


Binding with proper chest binder is not harmful to our body

According to research, most people who bind their chest have a positive experience with improvements in self-esteem, minimized gender dysphoria, depression, anxiety and they develop a sense of control over one’s body. However, this is only possible when you use the right binder.

Using the right binder WON'T harm your body. Shortness of breath, bruising or pain will not occur if you use a binder that fits you well. But make sure you don’t use a binder for more than 4 hours for the first time.


Tips on binding

Chest Binder’s aren’t very comfortable to wear in general if chosen the wrong sizes (neither too tight nor too loose) and it is harmful to wear extremely tight chest binders. You shouldn’t feel like it’s hard to breathe.



Each brand of Chest binders have different cutting design and unique sizing, we have provided the sizing chart in the product descriptions to make sure you are getting the correct fit. Everybody has a unique body and measurement, so we can't guarantee which sizes fit you 100% perfectly, but you could get a 3-row extend hook if you might afraid that it's too tight for you. 

Measuring yourself can help with accurate sizing. The below measuring scale should help you navigate sizing charts but sizing is always variable :

  1. Take a snug measurement of the fullest part of your chest using a tape measure (best if measured while unclothed).
  2. The main concern while choosing the size of a Chest Binder is the bust measurement, and if you have a broad shoulder or your weight has exceeded the weight range, please choose one size bigger.
  3. Make sure to consider sizing, materials, comfort and your own body’s needs. (bandage or non-bandage)



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