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Bandage vs. Non-Bandage

Nicole Goh

Posted on August 25 2017

Bandage vs. Non-Bandage

Bandage Binder - Front of the chest binder padding with an elastic material (15cm-20cm). The function is to bandage the chest so that our breast is supported , it also enhance the binding area for extra flatness effect.


Non-Bandage Binder - Front of the chest binder mostly have two layers of the same material of the binders, slightly thinner than bandage binder so that it's very suitable to wear in Summer and outdoor activities.  




  • Extra flatness
  • Outdoor activities
  • More stretchable
  • More breathable compared to bandage binder
  • First choice for big breasts 
  • First choice for Hot Weather Country 
  • Suitable with tight clothes
  • Not suitable for tight clothing

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